Turn a Piece of Cardboard into Wall Decor

Read this blog post before you throw away your cardboard boxes. I've mentioned several times how I like to repurpose and reuse items instead of putting them in the trash. I recently had a chair shipped to my house that was in a large cardboard box. The cardboard was so thick and sturdy that I… Continue reading Turn a Piece of Cardboard into Wall Decor


Wood Frame with Flowers

This fun floral project took me under an hour to complete. I had a wood frame and some flowers left over from previous projects, and I just knew that the materials would look awesome together. My wood frame came from an old canvas, but you can use any large picture frame to do this project.… Continue reading Wood Frame with Flowers


Painted Floral Pumpkins

I loved making floral pumpkins so much last year that I decided to make a new set for this year. Continue reading below to learn how I turned $1 foam pumpkins into beautiful Fall decor. Supplies: Foam Pumpkins Artificial Flowers Chalk Paint (Pool Blue) Foam Brush Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks Instructions: Paint the… Continue reading Painted Floral Pumpkins


DIY Candlestick Centerpieces with Flowers

Today's blog post is about DIY decorations.  With a little time and creativity, you can decorate any event with beautiful crafts you made with your own hands. Follow the directions below to see how I transformed inexpensive items into lovely centerpieces. Supplies: 2 Small Charger Plates 2 Candlesticks Artificial Flowers Gold Spray paint Hot Glue… Continue reading DIY Candlestick Centerpieces with Flowers


Spray Paint Glass Bottles and Jars

Today I have one craft tip to share: save all your glass containers for future projects. You can use pickle jars, sauce jars, and glass soda bottles as home decor. I've turned my glass containers into flower vases, snow globes, and used them as storage for my craft supplies. The possibilities are endless! Check out… Continue reading Spray Paint Glass Bottles and Jars


DIY Hanging Bottles and Flowers

Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoy this craft project as much as I do. I'm still in the process of using up all my craft supplies, so I decided to recycle some glass soda bottles and turn them into hanging vases for my flowers. I love floral crafts and decor, especially when they are… Continue reading DIY Hanging Bottles and Flowers


DIY Floral Clock

Hello everyone! I'm excited to show off today's tutorial where I give an old clock a much-needed makeover. I love working with flowers and using them in my craft projects. I buy artificial flowers several times a month because they make lovely decor for the rooms in my home. Nowadays you can purchase quality artificial… Continue reading DIY Floral Clock


Craft Roundup: Flower Crafts

Welcome to the weekly Craft Roundup! Today's theme is Flower Crafts. I feel that flowers (real or artificial) are the perfect way to add beauty to any room. Click on the photos below to discover creative ways to decorate your home. 1. Floral Heart Wreath 2. DIY Floral Centerpiece 3. Hanging Tire Planters 4. Tin… Continue reading Craft Roundup: Flower Crafts


DIY Chalkboard Vase

This chalkboard vase is so easy and fun to make. You can either use it for your home, party decorations, or as a gift for someone special. Check out the tutorial below. Supplies: Glass Vase Chalkboard Spray Paint Acrylic Paint (multiple colors) Cotton Swabs Flowers Chalk Instructions: Paint a glass vase with two coats of… Continue reading DIY Chalkboard Vase


Floral Heart Wreath

OK everyone, this is my attempt at making a floral wreath. I'm trying to teach myself different ways to use artificial flowers in my craft projects. This wreath needed way more flowers than I expected. Good thing I live close to a dollar store! Check out the tutorial below.   Supplies: 12" Heart Wreath Frame… Continue reading Floral Heart Wreath