Wood Frame with Flowers

This fun floral project took me under an hour to complete.


I had a wood frame and some flowers left over from previous projects, and I just knew that the materials would look awesome together.


My wood frame came from an old canvas, but you can use any large picture frame to do this project.


I removed the flowers from the stems, and then I glued them on the frame with a hot glue gun.


I enjoyed arranging the flowers around the frame. I made sure the flowers were different sizes but had similar colors. I also wanted to make sure that the green leaves were visible on the frame.


Next, I cut a string of jute twine and tied it around the top of the frame to make a hanger.


This next and final step is optional. I bought a set of $3 twinkle lights from Target, and then I wrapped those lights around the frame.



Simple and pretty!


Thanks for reading today’s craft tutorial. Feel free to like and share. Have a great day!


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