Craft Roundup: Flower Crafts

Welcome to the weekly Craft Roundup! Today’s theme is Flower Crafts. I feel that flowers (real or artificial) are the perfect way to add beauty to any room. Click on the photos below to discover creative ways to decorate your home.

1. Floral Heart Wreath

20160323_121100 (2)

2. DIY Floral Centerpiece

20160119_113151 (2)

3. Hanging Tire Planters

DSCF5386 (4)

4. Tin Bucket Centerpiece

20160131_150149 (2)

5. Yarn and Flower Wreath

Yarn Wreath

6. DIY Flower Pumpkins


7. Turn Peanut Cans into Flower Vases

DSCF6049 (2)

8. DIY Floral Letter

20160602_145413 (2)

9. Crepe Paper Flower Wreath

Crepe Flower Wreath 2



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