DIY Hanging Bottles and Flowers

Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoy this craft project as much as I do. I’m still in the process of using up all my craft supplies, so I decided to recycle some glass soda bottles and turn them into hanging vases for my flowers. I love floral crafts and decor, especially when they are quick and easy to make.

Check out the tutorial below.


  • 10 in. or 12 in. Wire Wreath
  • Flowers (real or artificial)
  • Jute Twine
  • Scissors

Floral Mobile 2


  • Wash and clean the glass bottles.
  • Cut several strings of jute twine. The length of the jute twine depends on how low or high you want the bottles to hang.
  • Tightly and securely tie one end of the string around the neck of a bottle. Then securely tie the other end of the string around one ring of the wire wreath. Continue this step for each bottle, tying the bottles around various spots of the wire wreath.

Floral Mobile


Floral Mobile 3

  • To make a handle, securely and tightly tie jute twine strings around the top of the wire wreath. There should be about four or five bars on the wreath that you can tie the twine around. Gather the jute strings together and make a loop knot.
  • Add a flower to each bottle. If you are using real flowers, pour a small amount of water into the bottles.
  • Finally, hang the glass bottle mobile from a secure ceiling hook. Enjoy!

Chandelier 3

Chandelier 4

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  1. oh my goodness super cute! ive been saving some fun bottles not sure why just cuz i like their shape but now i have a plan for them! thanks for posting! 🙂

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