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Friday Favorites: Wrapping Paper Crafts

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Favorites. Today I am sharing photos of projects I made using one roll of wrapping paper. I like the floral print on the paper. It's so romantic and feminine. At first, I bought the paper just because I thought it was pretty and I could wrap… Continue reading Friday Favorites: Wrapping Paper Crafts

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Decoupage and Decorate Easter Eggs

Today I am showing you how to decoupage and decorate eggs for Easter. This fun project is easy to make and will last all year because I used faux eggs instead of hard-boiled eggs. Follow the instructions below for inspiration. Supplies: Faux Easter Eggs Mod Podge Foam Brush Floral Print Paper Scissors Instructions: Begin┬áby cutting… Continue reading Decoupage and Decorate Easter Eggs


Decoupage a Witch Hat

This decoupaged witch hat is the perfect way to decorate your home for Halloween and Fall. Follow the directions below for inspiration. Supplies: Paper Mache Witch Hat Fabric Burlap Ribbon Fall Flowers Gold Ribbon Scissors Decoupage Glue Foam Brush Hot Glue Gun Instructions: Cut the fabric into long strips. Starting on one side of the… Continue reading Decoupage a Witch Hat

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DIY Fabric Covered Pumpkins

I love this time of year when the weather is cooler, and the leaves are starting to fall. I also love decorating for this season. I can't pass up buying a bunch of pumpkins for my home. I recently bought a few foam pumpkins from a dollar store. I was going to paint them, but… Continue reading DIY Fabric Covered Pumpkins


DIY Shabby Chic Sign

I like to think of different ways to recycle and reuse old and broken items in my home. When my son's drawer fell apart and could no longer be fixed, I decided to save a couple of boards from the furniture for future craft projects. This is one of the pieces I saved: It's the… Continue reading DIY Shabby Chic Sign


DIY Shoebox Diorama

I came up with the idea to make a diorama while I was cleaning out my closet. I found some empty shoe boxes that needed to be thrown away, but I decided to keep one of the bigger boxes to make this fun craft project. Dioramas are not just for school assignments. Adults can make… Continue reading DIY Shoebox Diorama


Decoupaged Wood Box

Decoupaging paper on a wood box is the perfect way to add unique decor to your home. With just a few supplies, you can turn any old or unfinished piece of furniture into something beautiful. Follow the easy instructions below for inspiration! Supplies: Wood Box Map Paper Decoupage Glue Flowers Paintbrush Scissors or Xacto Knife… Continue reading Decoupaged Wood Box


Fabric Covered Clipboards

If you have read my blog, you know that I love adding a little something extra to all my office supplies. I have turned several pencils, notebooks, and pairs of scissors into craft projects. There is no way I can leave anything in my home bare. I bought a couple of clipboards several weeks ago… Continue reading Fabric Covered Clipboards


Decorate A Memo Board

I bought this bird shaped chalkboard during an after Easter sale at Michaels. It cost less than a dollar, so of course I couldn't leave it in the store! The only issue was that I was stuck with this board for months because I didn't know what to do with it, and no one else… Continue reading Decorate A Memo Board


DIY Floral Decor

Hello everyone! Today I am showing you how to turn a dollar store flower bouquet into beautiful decor for your home. Flowers can make any room feel more lovely and welcoming. Supplies: 5" Plain Wood Box Miniature Wood Picket Fence Decorative Wrapping Paper Artificial Flowers White Satin Ribbon Martha Stewart Decoupage Adhesive White Chalk Paint… Continue reading DIY Floral Decor