DIY Floral Decor

Hello everyone! Today I am showing you how to turn a dollar store flower bouquet into beautiful decor for your home. Flowers can make any room feel more lovely and welcoming.


  • 5″ Plain Wood Box
  • Miniature Wood Picket Fence
  • Decorative Wrapping Paper
  • Artificial Flowers
  • White Satin Ribbon
  • Martha Stewart Decoupage Adhesive
  • White Chalk Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Staple Gun

Floral Decor 1



  • Cut the wrapping paper into squares, then decoupage them on the wood box.

Floral Decor 2

  • Paint the miniature wood fence with white chalk paint. Once the paint is dry, glue the fence around the wood box with a hot glue gun.

Floral Decor 4

  • Cut a long strip of the satin ribbon, then staple the ribbon inside the box with a staple gun.

Floral Decor 7

.Floral Decor 8

  • Gather a bouquet of artificial flowers. Cut the flower stems with a wire cutter.

Floral Decor 5

Floral Decor 6

  • Arrange the flowers inside the wood box, then hang the finished project from a hook or nail.



Floral Decor 10

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