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Repurpose An Old Grill

There’s an old grill in my backyard that has not been used in years. As a result, the paint is chipped off, and the entire grill is covered in dirt and rust. I thought of several ways to reuse the grill, but the best idea was to turn it into a planter. I’m not the best at keeping plants alive, but these flowers seem to be holding up pretty well!

Disclaimer: I am neither a professional gardener nor do I have vast experience with flowers and soil. Please feel free to ask someone who knows more about which plants will be suitable in different weather environments.

Supplies Used:

The very first thing I had to do was clean the grill. There was still old charcoal in it as well as lots of other debris. So I rinsed it off as best I could with a hose, and then I let it dry.

The next step was to paint the grill. Again, I had to use about two cans of spray paint. The Krylon brand paint dries very quickly between each coat, and it’s pretty easy to find in several stores as well as online.

The final and most fun part was planting the flowers. I spent some time in Lowe’s looking at several options, and I decided to buy Purslane plants. The research I did showed that the plants can hold up well in extreme heat conditions, which works well for the weather in my state.

Words cannot express how happy I am that these flowers are still thriving! I usually can’t keep a plant alive for longer than two weeks. My backyard is pretty bare except for a couple of trees, so these lovely flowers and greenery add some color and charm to my yard.

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