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Decorating for Fall on a Budget

Fall is my favorite season for decorations. I love all the bright colors, falling leaves, apple picking, and what seems like endless amounts of pumpkins. But, like many people, I do not want to spend a lot of money on decor for just a couple of months out of the year. So continue reading below for tips and tricks on how to make your home cozy and beautiful without breaking the bank.

Shop at discount stores. The quality and quantity of goods at dollar stores have improved so much throughout the years. You can always find seasonal decorations at low prices. I’m a frequent shopper at Dollar Tree, where I can purchase large amounts of flowers and craft supplies that I can use for projects.

Here are some floral pumpkins I made using carvable pumpkins and supplies purchased at Dollar Tree:

Limit decorations to one area of your home. I live in a small house, so I’m very conscious about cluttering my home with too many items. I always found it best to focus on one or two areas to decorate instead of the entire house. I just painted my fireplace, so this is where I usually place most of my holiday decor.

Nature is your friend. Mother Nature produces the most beautiful (and free!) decorations each season. So why not go outside and pick some leaves and create beautiful crafts for your home? One of the things I enjoy doing is taking broken tree branches off the ground and turning them into wreaths and other wall decor projects.

Handmade from the heart. I receive great joy from creating decorations for my home as well as for other people. It’s almost like therapy for me. So instead of shopping for gifts and decorations, I sometimes get creative and make things that I can repeatedly use each year.

Satisfy your sweet tooth. Halloween and Thanksgiving are both fun and exciting times for family and friends. I am sure there will be lots of parties, family gatherings, and festivals this year. And what better ways to socialize on a budget and feed a lot of people than with candy, cookies, or cakes?

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful season!

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