Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Projects

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know that this day is all about romance, but I like to celebrate by crafting and decorating my house with lots of Valentine decor. I know I’m not the only one who enjoys looking at all of the cute Valentine displays in stores.

Continue reading below to see a few of the projects and decor I made for this day of love.



There’s a table in my hallway that I enjoy decorating for every holiday. It’s fun to switch up the colors and decor each month. Lately, I’ve been madly in love with the color pink!


I’ve owned most of these decorations for years. It’s been nice to pull some things out of storage bins and show them off.



For my next project, I placed some faux flowers inside a heart-shaped box.


Just cut the flowers from the stems. Place floral foam inside of the box, then insert the flowers into the foam.




I also enjoy making cards. I find that a lot of people appreciate the effort of something handmade. I made these two cards with the help of my Cricut.




Finally, click on the photo below for tutorials of some of my favorite Valentine’s Day projects.



Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has a lovely day!


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