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DIY Hanging Rope Shelf

I found the idea for a hanging shelf while browsing through Pinterest one afternoon. And we all know how inspiring Pinterest is for us home decor lovers. So I had to try this project for myself!

I live in a small home, so a hanging shelf is a perfect way to store and display my things without taking up a lot of space.

Continue reading below for instructions.





1. Cut the jute rope into two pieces to your desired length. You will want to measure beforehand how low or high you want the shelf to hang on your wall.

2. Install hooks in the wall. All I had on hand were some heavy-duty cup hooks, so I used those instead of some other type of wall hook. I suggest visiting a local hardware store to ask which hooks are best for your wall or ceiling.

I found these installation tips online at hunker.com:



3. Tie the open ends of the rope into a tight knot and bow. Hang each rope strap on a hook.



4. Once the rope straps are hung, slide the shelf through the hoops.





5. Finally, add your items to the shelf.





*** This project is for light trinkets and decorations. Placing items that are too heavy on the shelf will cause it to fall and possibly break your things. The max weight I would place on the shelf is about 4 to 5 lbs.


Thanks for reading my tutorial! I enjoy sharing creative ways to decorate your home on a budget. Let me know if you try this project or have any questions.





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