Advice from a Professional Photographer, Rocco Basile

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Rocco Basile is one of my favorite photographers. He inspires me, so I wanted to do a small interview with him to find out his secrets to success.

1. How did you get started in photography?

I was drawn to photography when I was just a boy. It started as a fascination with the camera. I wanted to know how everything worked exactly. Then it evolved from there into a deep love for the art form. Photography is my lifelong passion.

2. How do you do your editing?

I use a computer program. Very light editing, I do not like to have much alteration after the fact. I feel that it ruins the integrity of the photograph once it has been doctored up. Most of my photographs have little to no editing aside from contrast and color density.

3. What equipment do you use and why?

I like to use a DSLR camera. They have great range and quality, and they are built to last. I have had my canon rebel for years now. It is my go to camera for any trip or vacation because I know it is strong enough to handle it. It is my favorite camera so far.

4. What camera and equipment do you suggest for beginner photographers?

I would say a digital camera would work best for the beginner. That way you can take as many pictures as you want without wasting film. It is a great way to learn by trial and error. I would definitely recommend a Canon EOS Rebel as a first camera for the serious amateur. If you want quality photos at a reasonable price then that is the way to go.

5. How can I make photos taken on my phone look more professional?

Try to focus on the angle… what would be the best angle for the photo? Also be aware of where your light source is coming from. You want the light to be shining on the subject, definitely not back-lit. That is how you end up with ghostly dark figures in your photo. So choose a creative angle, make sure the lighting is right, and start snapping pictures.

6. What tips would give someone who is interested in starting a photography business?

I would say to get some good equipment and a good attitude. Those are the top two most important things to bring to the table when trying to do photography professionally. Still, don’t forget to have fun.

7. Do you do workshops/lessons?

Yes I offer workshops and lessons at my studio space.

8. What’s the hardest thing about photography?

The hardest thing would be letting go. Sometimes you will miss an amazing shot, and it will be a big disappointment. Then pick yourself back up and keep taking pictures. Eventually you will like what you see.

9. What is your website URL?

My website is www.roccobasilephotography.com. Please feel free to contact us through our website if you are interested in lessons or workshops.

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