Friday Favorites: Reuse an Old Mailbox

Hello! Today I am sharing a fun and easy mailbox project. A few weeks ago, I posted a tutorial on how to give a makeover to an old mailbox. Here’s how it turned out:



This week I decided to paint another mailbox, but this time the color is pink!



The purpose of these two projects is to reuse the mailboxes at different events. You can set the mailbox on a table at a birthday party, wedding, baby shower, etc. and let your guests place cards, notes, and other memorable tokens inside of it. You can also use the mailbox as storage for your craft or office supplies.


Continue reading below to learn how I decorated this beautiful pink mailbox.



  • Mailbox
  • Faux Flowers
  • Pink Spray Paint
  • Paper Hearts
  • Stencil
  • (White) Sharpie Paint Marker
  • Metallic Gold String
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


Here’s what the mailbox looked like before the makeover:


As you can see, it was dented and discolored and rusted after years of being outside.

To start, I had to clean and dry the mailbox before I painted it. Krylon makes the spray paint I used for this project, and its color is called Ballet Slipper.


The next few steps are the best because this is where I was able to paint and embellish the mailbox.

First, I used a stencil and the Sharpie paint pen to write a phrase on the mailbox.




Next, glued some faux flowers on the flag.




Then, I made a banner by gluing paper hearts on the gold string.




Finally, I glued the banner across the mailbox to complete the project.




And that’s it! Thanks for reading!



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