Toy Car Rack

If you spend any amount of time with children, you know that they sometimes own lots of toys and will leave them anywhere. My six-year-old son has a bunch of small toy cars that he loves to play with and also leave on the living room floor. I have to remind him to clean up after himself constantly!

One solution I found is to create a fun storage piece to help motivate my child to become neater.



This toy car project began as an old spice rack I bought at a thrift store.


As you can see, it only cost $1.98. The price is one of the many reasons I love shopping at thrift stores. You can always find something to repurpose and reuse at low prices. With just a little paint and creativity, you can turn trash into treasure!

The first step I had to complete was to clean the wooden rack with a wet rag. It was very dusty and dirty. Next, I painted it with black spray paint. It took about 2-3 coats to cover the previous painting and marks completely.




After the paint had dried, I used a white Sharpie paint marker to draw a road on the shelves.



The “roads” are just long white lines drawn on both sides of the shelves with dashes drawn down the center.

Then, I made a paper sign for the project using my Cricut cutting machine.


Screenshot (9)_edited



Finally, all I had left to do was glue the paper sign on the front of the rack and add my son’s cars.



And that’s it! My son loves playing with his new car storage. He uses it almost every day which makes this mom very happy!

Here’s a complete list of supplies:

  • Wooden Spice Rack
  • Krylon Black Spray Paint
  • White Sharpie Paint Marker
  • Cricut Explore Air
  • Cardstock (red, black, white)
  • Toy Cars


Thanks for reading. Have a great day!


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