Friday Favorites: DIY Painted Globe

Globes are a lovely way to decorate your home. I own several globes, and I plan on collecting more in the near future. My hope is to have a room that looks like this collage of photos I found on Pinterest:


But until then, a girl can only dream and create beautiful projects like the one I’m sharing for today’s blog post.

I like to go to thrift shops almost every weekend. A couple of new thrift stores opened in my city, and I enjoy browsing the shelves for different items to purchase and repurpose. I saw this globe and bought it at a Goodwill store at a low price.


When I brought it home, I discovered that the globe didn’t spin anymore and had lots of dents at the bottom. Since I couldn’t add it to my collection, I decided to give the globe a girly makeover. With just a little paint and some embellishments, I turned the defective item into a playful expression of my personality.


Follow the instructions below for inspiration.


  • Large Globe
  • Pink Chalk Paint
  • Bow
  • Miniature Artificial Flowers
  • Embellishments
  • Gold Sharpie Marker
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Stencil (Optional)
  • Foam Brush
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks



  • Clean the globe before painting it.
  • Remove the globe from the stand.
  • Paint the stand with the gold spray paint. Set it to the side to let it dry.


  • Paint the globe with the foam paintbrush and pink chalk paint. Let the paint dry for several hours. (I used about two coats of the paint to cover the globe.)


  • Use a gold Sharpie marker and stencil (optional) to write a phrase on the globe.



  • Place the globe back on the stand. Now glue on the different flowers, bows, and embellishments for decoration.





And that’s it!

Thanks for reading. I enjoy sharing my projects with you all each week and hearing your feedback. So feel free to share.

Have a great day!



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