DIY Alice in Wonderland Assemblage Clock

I’m kind of obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. I enjoy the books, movies, quotes, and anything associated with the series. I recently went to a bookstore and found this classic Alice in Wonderland card:


It didn’t cost a lot, so I couldn’t resist buying the card and using it for one of my craft projects.

I thought the card would fit perfectly with my new Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Assemblage Clock, and I was correct!



The assemblage clock is very easy to decorate. You can paint it, decoupage it, and display many small products and embellishments in the clock.

First, I chose to decorate the clock by gluing paper and the card to the clock’s back.


Next, I placed faux moss inside the clock and then I put the pieces back together.


Finally, I hot glued some flowers and a banner I made to the top of the assemblage clock.


Such a simple, yet lovely project!

Just for fun, I made some paper flowers that you see in the above photo. I think they resemble teacups which match the Alice in Wonderland clock.


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Have a great day!




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