Friday Favorites #16: DIY Rose-Colored Bottles

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am continuing my hobby of showing different ways to reuse items that are usually thrown in the trash. Earlier this week I wrote about my repurposed mailbox, and now I am sharing photos of my rose-colored glass bottles.



Here is a before photo of the soda bottles:


I cleaned the inside of the bottles with dish soap and warm water, and I cleaned the outside of the bottles with Goo Gone Clean Up Wipes. These wipes are awesome because they removed the sticky residue from the bottles in just a few seconds.

goo gone wipes


One of the best things about this craft project is that it’s easy to do. To tint the glass, all you need is red or pink food coloring, glue, and a foam brush.


Pour the glue on a paper plate, and then add 1-2 drops of food coloring. Mix them together with the foam brush.


Add extra glue or food coloring depending on the color you desire for the tint. (more food coloring = darker tint; more glue = lighter tint).

Apply quick and gentle strokes of the mixture with a foam brush to the outside of the bottles. Let the bottles dry.


Either let the tinted bottles remain bare, or you can add decorations to them like I did.





Such a beautiful color!

I love the shabby chic and vintage style, so these glass bottles fit in perfectly with the décor in my bedroom.


Thanks for reading. Have a great day!





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