Friday Favorites #13

Happy Friday! Thanks for joining me for another edition of Friday Favorites. Today I am sharing some of the projects I made this week as well as the fun events I attended with my family.

Keep scrolling below for the photos.


1. Favorite Moments of the Week: My son had a couple of days off from school, so I took him to Disney on Ice and the Natural Science Museum. We both had an awesome time!






2. Favorite Purchases of the Week: I enjoy shopping after major holidays because so many items are on sale. I bought these two lovely wreaths, and I plan on storing them in my closet until next Easter.



I also couldn’t resist visiting a couple of craft stores and buying more supplies and embellishments.



3. Favorite Food of the Week: I tried macarons for the first time, and they were delicious!



4. Favorite Craft Projects of the Week: Crafting is my favorite hobby, so of course I couldn’t end the week without making a couple of projects.

Framed USA outline that’s perfect for Spring.
A card to match my new mug!



Have a great weekend everyone!





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