Craft Roundup: Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had an awesome week. I don’t know how you all feel, but to me, it seems like this month is flying by. I barely had time to recover from the holidays, and now January is almost over!

I want to use today’s blog post to show some projects and other fun things I worked on this week. Making crafts and browsing through stores are two things that bring me a lot of joy and happiness. This is how I keep myself inspired and entertained every week. Hopefully, my Friday Favorites will inspire and entertain you too!

1. Target Dollar Spot

I know I am not the only person who loves to shop at Target. I always go there with the intention of only buying one or two things, but I always leave with bags full of products I didn’t plan on purchasing! I also enjoy browsing for items in the Dollar Spot section because everything is so cute and inexpensive. I love how there are new products in the section every month and holiday.

Here are some goodies I recently bought for Valentine’s Day:


2. Twinkle Lights


I placed these beautiful lights on my headboard, and every night I fall in love with how lovely my room looks. The glow puts me in such a peaceful mood after a long day of work, running errands, and family time.

3. Decorating My Living Room

I have an empty corner in my living that I like to decorate for different holidays and seasons. This week I decided to go with a pink and floral theme.


4. Shopping At My Favorite Craft Stores

My very kind and thoughtful husband gave me a couple of gift cards to the craft stores in my area. He definitely knows the way to my heart because I had the best time shopping and stocking up on supplies for my art projects.


5. A New Wreath

I combined burlap and lace together to make the perfect shabby chic wreath.


6. Picture Frame Decor

I own lots of $1 picture frames, so I spent an afternoon turning a couple of them into wall art!



7. Journaling

I was excited this week when I bought a pretty bouquet of flowers to match my even prettier journal. I love journaling because it helps me process all my goals and ideas. Writing helps me clear my mind and feel better about my experiences.



Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share your favorite things from this week in the comment section below.

Have a great day!




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