Vision Scrapbook

Has everyone finished their vision boards for the year? I had so many ideas that I decided to do an entire scrapbook instead of just one board.

For those of you who may not be familiar with this concept, the purpose of a vision board is to represent and lead you to your desired goals. You can add anything to it: magazine and newspaper clippings, quotes, photos, lists, etc. All of these objects combined are meant to inspire and motivate you.

I bought this beautiful scrapbook album from Michaels. It has 30 pages that are ready to be filled with some beautiful images.


I subscribe to several home decor and craft magazines. I keep most of the older issues as a reference to give me ideas for this blog. I was about to throw some of them away when I decided to use the magazine images for my scrapbook.


All I did was cut out the photos, paste them on paper, and then insert the papers into the album.


Here are some of the completed pages:









I made sure that each page had a different yet vibrant color scheme. All the photos in this vision scrapbook are stimulating. When I feel lost for ideas or uninspired, I make sure to look through this album to ignite my creativity. I can honestly say that browsing these photos are helping me to become more ambitious. The year has just started, and I already have a lot of new blogging opportunities become available for me. I look forward to sharing new projects and goals with you all throughout the upcoming months!

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