DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away! This is by far my most favorite time of the year. I finally finished decorating my house with lots of gold-colored decorations. I want to use today’s blog post to show off the finished results as well as a couple of Christmas DIYs.

Here are pictures of my decorated fireplace mantel and other areas of my living room:




A lot of the decor was purchased at a few of my favorite stores like Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, At Home, Kirkland’s, etc. I cannot pass up a Christmas sale that’s 50-70% off!

I made the rest of the decorations myself. Some of the items I bought were not the right color, so I painted them gold and topped them off with glitter spray.



I even gave a paper mache house a Christmas makeover. All I did was paint the house, then I added gold trim and flowers. Finally, I placed two lights inside the house.


I am also making some of my Christmas gifts this year. I enjoy handmade presents, and I like to get creative with the way that I wrap and decorate them.


I hope you all enjoyed viewing my photos. I love sharing Christmas projects, and I also love seeing the beautiful ways that other people decorate their homes for the holidays!

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