Stained Glass Spray Paint

As I was cleaning out some of my craft supplies, I found an unused can of Valspar Stained Glass Spray Paint. I had this spray paint for so long that I’m not sure if Valspar still makes it.

20160711_165422 (2)

I immediately found some glass containers to paint. All I had to do was clean and then spray paint them.


This spray paint is easy to use and dries quickly. I only needed a couple of coats to get the color I wanted. The best thing about the paint is that it didn’t have that strong smell of fumes that usually bothers me, but I still made sure to wear a mask while I was outside painting.

stained glass 1

Look at that beautiful blue color. The spray paint completely transformed the glass containers.

And of course I had to add some flowers!

Stained Glass


Tell me what you think about the color, and please feel free to share this project. Have a great day!


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