Craft Roundup: Hand Sewing

Welcome to another Craft Roundup! Today, I am showing off some photos of my sewing projects. I am continuously working on improving my hand sewing skills. At first, all I could do was sew on a couple of buttons and repair small tears in my clothing, but now I have moved on to making bigger projects. My next goal is to master my sewing machine which I have yet learned to use!

Heart Gloves

Mini Heart Pillows 2

Heart Pillow

Letter Pillows

Not bad for a beginner!

I didn’t follow any patterns or specific measurements for these projects. I just took different types of fabric and made whatever came to my mind that day. I must admit that I had the most fun sewing the letters. I also did not realize how relaxing sewing can be. I brought out my needle and thread whenever I felt bored or stressed. Sewing really did keep me calm, focused, and entertained.


Are any of you working on sewing projects? Feel free to share them in the comments below!


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