Pom Pom Wreath

Today’s blog post is all about yarn! I like to buy lots of yarn when it’s on sale because you can do so many things with it. Yarn is not just for knitting and crocheting. I saw dozens of yarn and pom pom wreaths during the holidays, and I finally had enough time to make one for myself.


I love how soft and fluffy this pom pom wreath is. The white yarn is perfect for winter.

Materials I Used

  • 12 in. Wire Wreath
  • White Yarn (1020 yd)
  • 3 3/8 in. Clover© Pom-Pom Maker
  • Scissors

20160103_135830 (2)

The most important part of this wreath is making the pom poms. Buying a pom pom maker was a good decision for me because it was easy to use, and I was able to make a lot of pom poms in a couple of hours.

The steps are simple: wind the yarn around the pom pom maker, cut the wound yarn, tie it with thread or a cut piece of yarn, remove pom pom and shape to finish.

20160103_140627_Richtone(HDR) (2)

20160103_140814 (2)

20160103_140919_Richtone(HDR) (2)

20160103_143512 (2)

Leave the strings on the pom poms to tie them around the wreath. First, tie a pom pom on the top two rings. Then,  tie another pom pom on the bottom two rings. Continue these steps until the wreath is completely covered. It took me about 40-45 pom poms to cover the wreath.

20160103_143747_Richtone(HDR) (2)

20160104_153004 (3)


So pretty and cozy!


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