Decorative Thumbtack Balls

I am such a craft hoarder! My closet is full of craft supplies that I have not used. It is so hard for me to pass up ribbons, fabrics, paints, and other products when they are on sale. I usually stockpile everything and tell myself that I will make some awesome project, but it doesn’t happen. This year, I am challenging myself to use everything in my supply closet. My goal is to create more and buy less. I am going to resist shopping when I receive all those 40% and 50% off coupons from my favorite craft stores.

This new challenge inspired me to make the craft project featured below.


  • Styrofoam balls (I bought a bag that had multiple sizes ranging from 1.5″ – 3 “)
  • Thumbtacks (Each ball will use about 100 – 200 thumbtacks depending on the size.)

20151205_115107 (2)



Place thumbtacks around styrofoam ball until it is completely covered.

20151205_120816 (2)

Let each thumbtack slightly overlap. Repeat steps for each styrofoam ball.

20151208_133813 (2)

***This next step is optional. I had some silver and white glitter left over from the holidays and decided to add some to the thumbtacks.

20151208_134414 (3)

The last step is to display the thumbtack balls in a glass bowl or vase.

20151208_134308 (2)

20151229_122930_Richtone(HDR) (2)

20151208_135014 (2)

Pretty simple, right? It’s amazing the things you can make from cheap products found at dollar stores!




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