Reupholster Ottoman with a Bed Sheet

I finally decided to do something with my old and worn ottoman. I bought it several years ago because it was small and cheap. I mostly use it to store some of my husband’s folders and paperwork. The ottoman is made of a brown, suede material that has not held up over the years. I shopped around for some fabric to upholster the ottoman, but I did not like the prices at the fabric stores. So, I just went for it and upholstered the ottoman with a bed sheet! This project is a quick, no-sew way to give old furniture an updated look.

Here’s what the ottoman looked like before the makeover:

DSCF5988 (2) DSCF5985 (2)

First, I took a twin size bed sheet and cut it to fit the ottoman parts.

DSCF5991 (2) DSCF5989 (2) DSCF5992 (2)

Next, I ironed the wrinkles out of the sheet.

DSCF5998 (2)

Then, I used a staple gun to secure the fabric. I pulled the fabric tightly around the corners to try to eliminate any wrinkles.

stapleDSCF5999 (2) DSCF6002 (2)

Here’s the finished ottoman:

DSCF6011 (2)

DSCF6010 (2)

This was my first time attempting to upholster furniture. I had some trouble making sure that I cut the sheet the right way and trying to fit the sheet around the edges and corners of the ottoman. The results aren’t perfect, but I’m happy with the new color.

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