DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

This post is all about fun and games! I bought a folding frame a few months ago and knew that it would be perfect to use as a tic tac toe board. So many of us grew up playing this game with friends and family. I remember playing tic tac toe with classmates when we were at school. I wanted to use this project as an opportunity to introduce the game to my son.

DSCF5914 (2)

I love this frame because it already has 9 sections. All I had to do was add my personal designs.

I began by painting the frame with Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze spray paint. Next, I added scrapbook paper to the inside of the frame.

DSCF5931 (2) DSCF5933 (2)

Next, I used glass stones for the game pieces

.DSCF3291 (3)

I went online and printed ladybug and bumble bee patterns.

DSCF5915 (2) DSCF5918 (2)

I trimmed the paper to fit under each stone. I used Mod Podge for my adhesive.  I also glued small wiggly eyes on the stones just for fun!

DSCF5924 (2)

DSCF5926 (2) DSCF5926 (3)

Here’s the finished project:

DSCF5940 (2) DSCF5945 (2)

My son loves playing with the ladybug and bumble bee stones. I even glued some magnets on the stones so that my son could play with them on our refrigerator.

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