Reuse Peanut Cans

I enjoy reusing cans and jars instead of throwing them in the trash. A lot of those containers can be cleaned up and used as storage for other items. A few posts ago, I turned pickle jars into candy jars. For this post, I am using peanut cans as flower vases.

Step 1:

Find empty peanut cans.DSCF6035 (2)


Step 2:

Remove labels, and clean inside of cans with dish soap and warm water.

DSCF6037 (2)


Step 3:

Paint cans with white spray paint or acrylic paint.

DSCF6038 (2)


Step 4:

Wrap cans with burlap and jute rope. Use a hot glue gun to adhere materials to the cans.

DSCF6041 (2)

DSCF6043 (2)


Step 5:

Add water and flowers.

DSCF6046 (2)

This was such an easy and fun project to complete! What are some items in your home that you like to use for other purposes? Feel free to share your comments.


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