DIY Jewelry Holders

I love wearing watches and rings, but sometimes I take them off and forget where I put them. I like to have jewelry boxes and organizers in each room of my house so that when I have to clean, I know that my jewelry will be in a safe place.

I bought this little box at a craft store, and it only cost me 50¢!

DSCF5812 (2)

I saw it had an opening at the top for a photo, so I decided to put one of my wedding pictures in it.

This is one my favorite photos from my wedding day:

wedding (3)

I love it because it was a simple and happy moment that wasn’t staged or planned. It was just me and my husband entering a new phase of life. I don’t have any photo editing software on my computer, so it was hard for me to shrink the photo without losing clarity. After some internet research, I found that I could shrink the photo through Microsoft PowerPoint (my husband had it downloaded on his computer).

DSCF5903 (2) DSCF5906 (2)

DSCF5910 (2) DSCF5909 (2)

The jewelry holders I saw in a department store inspired this next project:

I bought this plate and figurine for $1 each.

DSCF5807 (2)

Next, I spray painted the figurine with gold paint.

DSCF5815 (2)DSCF5830 (2)

After the paint dried, I then glued the figurine on the plate with super glue.

DSCF5820 (2) DSCF5826 (2) DSCF5840 (2)

These are both beautiful and simple projects that I completed in under an hour. Now I have two more ways to store my jewelry!

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