Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

I wanted to share in this blog post some ways I make the most of the space I have in my home. I have the fun, yet challenging opportunity to work from home because I operate an online store. Trust me when I tell you that one of my biggest challenges is the limited amount of space in my townhouse. I am constantly looking for creative ways to store and hide merchandise. I also do lots of craft projects, so there is always a crazy amount of supplies that need to be organized.

I found a great idea at this website on how to use mason jars for storage of small items. All you have to do is screw the jar onto a shelf. I decided to screw some jars onto a bookshelf that I also use as storage for my products that I sell online.

Below are some photos showing how I used two bookcases to store products:

IMG-20130501-00695 (1125x1500) IMG-20130502-00704 (1125x1500) IMG-20130501-00694 (1125x1500)

As you can see, I covered the cases with curtains to keep my items out of sight.

I recently purchased some storage organizers from the Recollections™ section at Michaels. I was able to buy one organizer and get the other organizer for free because of a sale event at the store. Remember to always be on the lookout at craft stores or any store for sales and discounts. You can find great bargains for products that will help spruce up your home. I was able to purchase these items for under $50.

IMG-20130501-00684 (1500x1125)

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