Mason Jar + Tea Light

This is an easy and inexpensive project that will add some soft light to your room or for a special event. These are the items you will need:

  • Mason jar or any clear jar
  • Tea light
  • Glue
  • Food coloring

Mix the food coloring and glue together. You can add a little water to the mixture to make it less sticky. Pour the mixture into the jar and swirl it around so that the inside of the jar is completely covered. Let the jar dry.

IMG-20130421-00632 (1300x975) (2) IMG-20130421-00634 (1300x975) (2)

After the jar is dry, place the tea light inside and enjoy the glow.

IMG-20130422-00649 (1300x975)

Can you just imagine a bunch of these jars lighting up a room or decorating a table for a party? The glue and food coloring add a frosted look to the jars, and the tea lights are a safer alternative to candles.

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