Simple Wall Art

The walls in my bedroom have been bare for a while, so I decided to add my own personal touches to try to beautify the room. I chose to do two very easy and inexpensive projects that took only a few minutes to complete.

The first project was a wall graphic that I bought for about $3 at Tuesday Morning (a store where you can find great discounts on home accessories). All you have to do with the wall graphic is to press the film against a clean wall using the edge of a credit card or some other firm object.

IMG-20130411-00537 (1300x975) IMG-20130411-00536 (1300x975)

The second project involved using styrofoam circles that I found at Dollar Tree and an old curtain I had in my closet. I cut out pieces of fabric and wrapped them around the styrofoam. You do not have to paint the circles. That was a decision I made at the last minute.

003 (1300x975)

This is what the two projects look like together on my wall:

IMG-20130411-00548 (1115x1300) (2)

IMG-20130411-00558 (1300x1047) (2)

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