DIY Cardboard Letters Project

A few days ago, I started thinking about doing an inexpensive project for my son’s room. I came to the decision to do a project with letters. I found printable cut out letter templates at http://www.yourprintablepdf.com/. I cut pieces of a cardbaord box to use for my letters, and I found three old t-shirts that no one in the house wore anymore to use as the fabric for the letters.

001 (2000x1500)

Here is how you can create your own cardboard letters:

  • Trace the letters onto the cardboard pieces.

003 (2000x1500)

  • Cut out the letters

006 (2000x1500)

  • Cover letters with t-shirt scraps.

008 (2000x1500)

  • Project is complete! (I used some stickers I found at Dollar Tree to give the letters a little flair.)

024 (2000x1500) 026 (2000x1500) 031 (2000x1500) The letters are about 6.5 inches tall.

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