DIY Painted Vase

Recently, I finished a simple craft project that only required paint and a vase. I used an old vase that was collecting dust in my cabinet and some pink acrylic paint that I had in storage. This project took minutes to complete, and I am looking forward to doing this project again with new paint colors.

008 (900x675)

First, I washed and dried the vase. Next, I poured the paint into the vase. I didn’t really need the paint brush. I just swirled the paint around the inside of the vase until it was completely covered. Last, I let the paint dry.

Final results:

017 (900x675)

019 (900x675)  As you can see, this project is so easy to do.



*You can find cheap vases at Dollar Tree and other dollar stores if you don’t already have unused vases in your home.

**I read on other blogs that enamel paint for glass is the best paint to use.

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