Valentine Wreath

February is one of my favorite months of the year to do craft projects. I enjoy going to different craft stores and finding inspiration from all the red and Valentine’s Day themed decorations. I decided I wanted to decorate my door for the month of February with a Valentine Wreath. It was very simple and inexpensive to make. I used the following supplies:

  1. 1 wire wreath
  2. 9 rolls of 5/8 in.x108 in. ribbon
  3. 1 pack of Valentine Heart Picks

11568 005 (2000x1500)

***I already had the wire wreath at home, so I only had to purchase the ribbon and picks at Dollar Tree.

First, I cut several pieces of the ribbon into about 4 to 5 in. long strips. Then I tied the ribbon strips into double knots around the top and third rings of the wire wreath.

009 (2000x1500)

Finally, I glued the hearts onto the top layer of ribbon.

001 (2000x1500) 011 (2000x1500)

(The first photo is with the hearts, and the second photo is without the hearts. You can decide which one you like best.)

I really enjoyed doing this project. It was fairly simple to do, but it did take a little while to tie the ribbon strips onto the wreath. I had so much fun that I’m already thinking of new ideas for a Spring Wreath!

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