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Clay Pot Wreath

Today I am sharing a fun tutorial on how to make a lovely clay pot wreath. The weather is warming up, so now is the perfect time to add some garden-inspired projects to my home.

One of the things I love most about this wreath is that it cost me under $15 for the supplies. I love a good bargain!

Supplies I Used:


  1. Cut the twine into long strings. Insert each string into the clay pots.
  2. Tightly tie the pots to the wire wreath.
  • 3. Continue arranging and tying the pots until the wreath is mostly covered.
  • 4. Glue the moss to cover all the empty spaces on the wreath. Also glue some moss inside of the pots.
  • 5. If any of the pots or moss feel loose, just use some more of the hot glue to keep everthing in place.

I enjoyed making this wreath, and I love that I found almost all of the supplies at Dollar Tree. I like to find ways to share projects on this blog that are still beautiful but don’t cost an insane amount of money.

Thanks for reading!

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