Guest Post: How to Design the Perfect Flex Room for Your Home

Today’s post is written by blogger Paul Denikin of DadKnowsDIY.com. Enjoy!

How to Design the Perfect Flex Room for Your Home by Paul Denikin
A multipurpose room, often called a flex room, is a room in your house that can suit more than one need. For example, it can play host to a music studio and hobby room at the same time. Flex rooms can also serve a single purpose, while being transformed to serve a different purpose later on without any major renovations. Find out why you might want a multi-purpose studio and discover how to create one with these tips from Wonderful Creations Blog.

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Why Add a Flex Room?

Having a guest room or home office is great, but sometimes you need something that’s a little more versatile. Here’s why you may want a multipurpose studio at home.

● Sometimes you need a designated space for hobbies to keep your home clutter-free.
● A hobby room is a great space to make fun crafts and take on projects you find on Wonderful Creations Blog.
● A hobby studio is also the perfect place for your kids to play quietly or practice music.
● If you incorporate multipurpose furniture, you can transform the room in a flash, such as to accommodate guests at a minute’s notice.
● Having a flexible room can even increase your home’s appraisal estimate.

How to Make a Multipurpose Studio

Falling in love with the idea of a multipurpose room is just the beginning. Here’s how you can plan, budget, and design a room to work for you.

● Envision where your room will go. A bedroom, basement, or awkward alcove are all great candidates.
● Learn the costs of soundproofing if you want to use your room as a space for practicing music.
● Think about your room’s main purpose to choose the best flooring materials.
● Pick a color palette that will bring the room together while also being versatile.

Getting the Most Out of Your Studio

Designing a multipurpose room can inspire all kinds of ideas and intentions. These tips will help you get the most use out of your new room.

● Avoid storing unrelated things in your studio to prevent it from becoming a junk room.
● If everyone in the house wants to use the studio, consider making a family schedule.
● Be sure to wipe down commonly used items to keep germs at bay.
● Even if you don’t use the room every day, cleaning regularly will make it more inviting.
● Keeping some hand sanitizer in the room will help you tidy up between tasks.

A multipurpose studio can be the key to working on your hobbies or helping your kids practice music at home. By choosing a flexible design and multipurpose furniture, your home studio can quickly transform to suit any need your family might have.

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