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8 Repurposed Craft Projects

I love to recycle and reuse old supplies. Shopping at craft and home decor stores can be expensive, so I’m always looking around my house for things that I can give a makeover or reuse for half the price.

Today I’m sharing a few repurposed craft projects I created using items I already own. Instead of throwing things away, I decided to turn trash into treasure.

Book Page Cake Centerpiece

IMG_20180704_105137 copy

I came up with this idea after trying to decide what kind of centerpiece to make for a baby shower. I love book themed projects, so I took a bunch of cheap romance novels from my sister and created a fairytale themed centerpiece.


  • 1 Book
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Faux Flowers and Other Embellishments


1. Tear several pages from a book. I suggest using a cheap book you can buy at a dollar store and not some classic or expensive book that has a lot of value.

IMG_20180801_142306 copy

2. Slightly fold the page leaving a gap at one end, then glue together the other end. Continue this step until you have your desired number of folded sheets of paper.

IMG_20180628_114551 copy

3. For the smaller top tier, arrange and then adhere the pages into a circle shape.

IMG_20180628_115105 copy

4. For the bottom tier, gather twice the amount of paper. Repeat the previous step and then glue another set of folded sheets in between the current pages.

IMG_20180628_115235 copy

5. Hot glue the top and bottom tiers together.


6. Finally, adhere flowers and other embellishments on the book page cake. I chose to decorate my cake with paper flowers, a white feather boa, and a swan ornament I bought last Christmas.

IMG_20180704_105745 copy

And that’s it! This project was a lot of fun to make. You can create several of these book page cakes for just the price of one or two books.

Now I want to share some photos of other projects I created over the past few weeks. All the crafts are made with items in my home that I reused.


Paper Roll Desk Organizer

Paint and glue together old paper rolls. Place the organizer on your desk and use it as a way to keep track of your supplies.


IMG_20180827_183922 copy


Picture Frame Crafts

  • Paint and add paper and faux flowers to an old picture frame.

IMG_20180627_094432 copy

  • Reuse the glass from a picture frame and turn it into a place card for your table.

IMG_20180818_120007 copy

IMG_20180903_093711 copy


Reuse Small Boxes

Do you have some small cardboard boxes that you’re thinking about throwing in the trash? Well, save a few of those boxes and turn them into art projects.

IMG_20180814_141432 copy

IMG_20180202_121649 copy

IMG_20180903_105359 copy


Model Truck Planter

A fun way to plant succulents and other flowers!

IMG_20180816_195600 copy



Thanks for reading! Let me know which project is your favorite.


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