Friday Favorites: Decorating for Thanksgiving

Welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites!

Thanksgiving Decor

I know that some people have started decorating for Christmas, but I had to use today’s blog post to show some love for Thanksgiving. It seems like once Halloween is over, everyone turns their attention from trick-or-treating to tree trimming. I already heard a bunch of Christmas songs on the radio, and several stores have thrown all their Fall decorations into the clearance bins.

Last year, I couldn’t wait to decorate early for Christmas, but I am going to be patient this year and wait until after Thanksgiving before I put up my tree and holiday decorations. This week I’ve been working on some Thanksgiving decor, and I wanted to share those photos with you all. These lovely projects are fun ways to decorate your table and home for family and friends because we can all use something pretty to look at while chowing down on some turkey!




  • I make several wreaths throughout the year for different holidays and seasons or just because I’m in the mood to make one. You can say it’s one of my favorite hobbies!






  • For this table centerpiece project, I spray painted two mason jars. Then, I added some twine and faux flowers I bought at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store.






  • The idea for these leaf name cards came about when I was thinking of a way to decorate my table for Thanksgiving dinner. I already had a bag full of faux leaves at home, and I thought writing the guests’ names on them with a gold pen would be a fun and creative way to place everyone at their assigned seat.






  • Finally, here is a photo of a small section of my hallway that I decorated for the Fall season. There are pumpkins, scarecrows, seasonal flowers, and I even reused some old Halloween decorations.




Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this time of thankfulness before we get caught up in the stress of Christmas shopping!








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