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Craft Roundup: Friday Favorites #7

Hi everyone! I’m back with another edition of Friday Favorites. It has been a fun, yet busy week. I’m excited to share with you some events and projects I worked on over the past few days.

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1. I spent a lot of time this week shopping for decorations. St. Patrick’s Day and Easter is right around the corner, so I found lots of festive inspiration in the stores I visited.



2. One of my favorite places to visit each week is my local bookstore. It’s such a peaceful atmosphere, and I love browsing through all the books and magazines. The bookstore is one of the best places to help spark my creativity.



3. I’m learning how to make different flower arrangements. Here is a project I completed using faux flowers and a beautiful planter shaped like a coffee cup:



4. While my husband was away, I decided to give our bedroom a romantic makeover. I had  a tight budget, so I visited and bought some inexpensive string lights and a bed canopy to hang over my bed. Those simple items made my room look so beautiful and serene. Everyone loves how the decorations turned out.

I could stay in this bedroom all day!



Thanks for reading about my week. Enjoy the day and have an awesome weekend!





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