DIY Suitcase Table

Hi everyone! Today I am writing about a fun upcycling project I made for my living room. While browsing through Pinterest, I saw hundreds of photos of old suitcases turned into tables. I immediately went on the search for a cute suitcase and found one at my local Joann craft store.


This suitcase was just the right size, and it was on sale for 60% off the regular price!

Next, I had to figure out what kind of table legs I wanted to use. I shopped around a couple of hardware stores, but I was not in the mood to spend more money. I decided to go home and use the legs that were on one of my old TV trays.


First, I had to remove the top of the tray with a screwdriver.


Now this next part is where I had to improvise. I wanted to use my husband’s drill to attach the suitcase to the tray stand, but I couldn’t find it. My husband was also out of town on a business trip and didn’t know where he last placed the drill and bits. I ended up having to glue all the parts of the table together with a heavy-duty super glue. Then I let it dry overnight until I could buy a new drill the next day. The super glue worked well and held everything in place. Finally, all I had to do was drill 1″ wood screws into the suitcase and tray stand.

Here’s the finished product:





How awesome is this table? I love the way it turned out! I made a paper flag banner just to add some fun decorations to the table.


Thanks for reading!

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