DIY Dessert Buffet

Today I am showing off a dessert buffet I created for a small backyard gathering. Dessert buffets are awesome for weddings and parties because it gives your guests lots of options to choose from instead of just cake. It’s always fun for me to see people running to the dessert table at events. Sometimes the adults are more excited than the children!

Continue reading below for inspiration.


5 Tips to Help Create a Dessert Buffet:

1. Choose a fun color combination or theme for your table.

2. Make or buy enough desserts that will feed the guest at your party with some extras to take home.

3. Make or buy lots of pretty and festive decorations for your table that match your theme.

4. Use decorative plates, bowls, jars, etc. to hold your treats.

5. Arrange the desserts and decorations any way you like on your table. You can’t go wrong, and your guests will be so happy to see all the hard work you put into the party.


Photos of some of the decorations and desserts I used:




I placed all those sweet goodies on a crate bookcase I made earlier. Here’s how it all looks with everything arranged for the party:








So pretty and fun! Make sure to use bug lanterns, candles, and/or a mosquito tent to keep pests away if you decide to set up your treats outside.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post. Please feel free to share. Have a great day!


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