Burlap Wrapped Jars

Wrapping jars with burlap ribbon is a lovely and affordable way to add decorations to your home, party, or wedding. The natural material brings warmth and charm to any project.

Continue reading below for a fun and easy tutorial. I know this craft project will inspire you to decorate a few jars for yourself!


  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Jars
  • Floral Embellishments
  • Lace Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Jute Twine (optional)
  • Trellis (optional)

jute jar


  • Cut a strip of burlap ribbon that is long enough to wrap around the jar, then glue the ribbon to the jar with a hot glue gun.

jute jar 2

  •  Cut a strip of lace ribbon, then glue it on top of the burlap.

jute jar 3

  • Add floral embellishments.

jute jar 5

  • Add flowers to the jar (real or artificial).


These next steps are optional. I thought it would be fun to hang the jars on a trellis I painted. I either keep the small trellis in my house or outside on my back porch. It’s just a fun way I like to showcase flowers.

First, I tied one end of a long string of jute twine around the neck of a jar.

jute jar 6

Next, I hung the jar by tying the other end of the string around the top of the trellis. ~Continue the previous steps for how many jars you want to hang from the trellis.

jute jar 7

Finally, I poured a small amount of water inside the jars and added flowers.

jute jar 8

jute jar 9

jute jar 10

As I mentioned earlier, the trellis part of this project is optional. The jars and flowers make awesome table centerpieces or you can hang them from another object like a ceiling hook, tree branch, or a wall hook.


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