Shabby Chic Wooden Castle

I found an unfinished wooden castle while shopping at Michaels. This castle is awesome because it’s like having a blank canvas. All you need to do is add paint, embellishments, and other decorations to make it your own.

Wood Castle

Wood Castle 2

I decided to give the castle a feminine, shabby chic look. I made sure to spray paint it white. I only used about 1-2 coats of the spray paint because it gave the castle an aged look.

Shabby Castle 14

Shabby Castle 15

To decorate the castle, I decoupaged wrapping paper on the floors and fabric tape on the stairs. I also added lace ribbon and glued other embellishments throughout the castle.

Shabby Castle 12

Shabby Castle 11

Shabby Castle 9

Shabby Castle 10

Shabby Castle 2

Shabby Castle 3


I love the way this castle turned out. It took me a few days to finish the decorations, but it was well worth the time.

Shabby Castle 1

Shabby Castle 5

Shabby Castle 13

Shabby Castle 7

Shabby Castle 8


I hope you enjoyed viewing my photos. Please feel free to share and add your comments below. Have a great day!


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