Chevron Wood Crate

I completed this easy project in just a couple of hours. I love working with wood crates because there are so many ways to decorate them and use them in my house. I found this white wash wood crate at Joann Fabrics and Crafts:

DSCF3122 (3)

I was so happy with this crate because it was already an excellent color, and I bought it at 40% off with a coupon!

I’m going with a gray and yellow theme in my living room, so I painted parts of the crate with gray chalk paint.

DSCF3080 (2) DSCF3151

I let the paint dry for about two hours. Then, I decorated the crate with marigold chevron washi tape.


Here is the finished crate:

DSCF3154 (2)


4 thoughts on “Chevron Wood Crate

  1. I love this project! I’ve never seen shaped washi tape. I’m also a fan of the white, primed crates. Great inspiration for other projects!

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