Craft Roundup: Wood Crate Projects

Welcome to another Craft Roundup! Today, I am sharing my favorite wood crate projects. I have decorated several wood crates for every room in my home. They are perfect for storing books, keepsakes, files, and other items.

Enjoy the photos and links to the tutorials.


1. Wood Crate Bookcase

bookcase2 (2)


2. Chevron Wood Crate

DSCF3154 (2)


3. DIY Rolling Storage Crate




4. Kid’s Room Crate Bookcase



5. Decoupaged Wood Crate

DSCF3384 (2)


I made the following projects for customers (no tutorial links):

6. Three Drawer Crate

DSCF1688 DSCF1690 DSCF1699


7. Bumble Bee Wood Crates

Bumble Bee Crate DSCF0319



Have a great day. Feel free to share this post and add your comments below. Thanks!

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