Glass Gem Vase

I decided to do this quick and easy project after I bought some bags of glass gems that were on clearance at Michael’s. I bought a $1 vase from Dollar Tree, a tube of Aleene’s Glass and Bead Glue, and I used some acrylic paint I already had at home.

IMG-20130709-00924 (1200x900)

The glue is very strong, so I only needed to put a small amount behind each gem and then press them firmly against the vase for a few seconds.

Here is what the vase looked like after all the gems and glue dried:

IMG-20130714-00929 (1200x864)

I liked the way the vase looked, but I wanted to do something to add more color, so I painted the inside of the vase.

IMG-20130715-00946 (1200x900)

Here is the vase in my bathroom:

IMG-20130715-00955 (1200x900)

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