DIY Pearl Mirror

Pearls are very elegant and classy gemstones. I love the look of them on any object or person, so I decided to do a mirror project surrounded by pearl beads.

I used the following supplies:

IMG-20130719-00960 (900x1200)

  • 10″ round mirror
  • 12″ Floral & Craft Ring
  • pearl beads
  • tacky glue
  • glass and bead adhesive
  • gold metallic paint

First, I painted the ring.

IMG-20130719-00964 (900x1200)

I let the paint completely dry before I started gluing the beads and mirror onto the ring.

Next, I glued the mirror onto the ring using the glass and bead adhesive.

IMG-20130720-00970 (760x722)

Finally, I glued the beads around the mirror using tacky glue.

IMG-20130720-00978 (1200x1160)

Here is what the mirror looks like after all the beads dried:

IMG-20130726-00982 (1074x1200) IMG-20130726-00987 (1061x1200)

I really enjoyed this project because it was very easy to complete, and I love the way the pearls look around the mirror. All the supplies are inexpensive to buy and you can find them at any craft store.

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