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31 Days of Halloween Craft Projects and Activities

Halloween is a time for scary tales, delicious treats, and, of course, creative crafts! Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just looking for fun and festive activities throughout October, our “31 Days of Halloween Craft Projects and Activities” will be your go-to guide for a month of creativity. So, grab your crafting supplies and get ready for a spooktacular month!

Day 1: DIY Halloween Table Setting

Are you planning a Halloween gathering? Transform your dining table with creepy and captivating decorations. Create a bewitching atmosphere that will leave your guests both thrilled and delighted. 

Day 2: Halloween Monster Jars 

Get ready to transform ordinary jars into creepy, kooky, and altogether spooky Halloween decor! From googly-eyed ghosts to Frankenstein’s monsters, these adorable and customizable jars are a hit with kids and adults alike.

Day 3: Host a Pumpkin Carving Party

Fall is in the air, and that means it’s time to gather your friends and family for an unforgettable pumpkin carving party. Grab your carving tools, and let’s turn ordinary pumpkins into extraordinary works of art! 

Day 4: Spooky Window Decorations

Embrace the frightening fun of Halloween with window decorations! Purchase or create spooky silhouettes to adorn your windows, featuring classic Halloween icons like witches, bats, and cats. These decorations will make your home the talk of the town this season.

Day 5: Potion Bottle Decor

Fill plastic bottles with faux spooky ingredients. Then, design vintage-style potion bottle labels and attach them to the bottles. You can also use stickers and Halloween-themed labels.

Day 6: Mummy Candle Holders

Create mummy-inspired candle holders for a fun and spooky Halloween project.


  • Glass candle holders
  • Gauze or cheesecloth
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Tea light or LED candles
  • Scissors


  1. Clean the glass candle holders.
  2. Cut gauze into strips.
  3. Glue one end of a strip to a candle holder.
  4. Wrap the holder with gauze, leaving gaps.
  5. Secure the end with glue.
  6. Attach googly eyes.
  7. Add optional decorations.
  8. Place a candle inside.
  9. Display on your dining table for a spooky look.

Day 7: Monster Treat Bags

Craft cute and spooky monster-themed bags to give out to trick-or-treaters.

Day 8: Halloween Jar Lids

Reuse old jar lids and turn them into Halloween decorations. You can paint them and decorate them with Halloween-themed papers and embellishments.

Day 9: Masquerade Masks

Create elegant masquerade masks using lace, feathers, and rhinestones.

Day 10: Halloween Glass Mugs

Using vinyl, turn ordinary mugs into monster-themed drinkware.

Day 11: Paper Bat Mobile

Create a bat mobile using black cardstock, string, and tree branches. Hang in your living room or on your door.

Day 12: Decorate Faux Pumpkins 

Instead of real pumpkins, use foam pumpkins and paint them in fun shades like gold, pink, or blue. Add flowers and other unique decorations. 

Day 13: DIY Halloween Wreath

Kick off your Halloween crafting adventure by making a creepy-crawly wreath to hang on your front door.

Use rolled book paper, faux black flowers, or felt bats to create an eerie first impression for your guests. (How to Make a Rolled Paper Wreath)

Day 14: Watch Scary Movies

Get ready to scream! Celebrate Halloween in style by watching a lineup of Halloween movies that will send chills down your spine and keep you on the edge of your seat all night long.

Day 15: DIY Halloween Dioramas

Create Halloween-themed dioramas using mini figurines, creepy backgrounds, shoe boxes, and craft pumpkins.

Day 16: Halloween Cookie Party

To host a fun Halloween Cookie Party, follow these steps:

  1. Send out Halloween-themed invitations.
  2. Decorate your space with spooky decor.
  3. Bake various cookie shapes in advance.
  4. Set up a cookie decorating station.
  5. Encourage costumes and have a costume contest.
  6. Provide snacks, drinks, and Halloween treats.
  7. Plan games or activities for entertainment.
  8. Consider safety measures if necessary.
  9. Capture memories with photos.
  10. Enjoy the spooky and sweet celebration!

Day 17: Decorate Fireplace

Decorating a fireplace mantel for Halloween adds festive flair, sparks creativity, and gives guests a welcoming experience. It’s also a fun tradition that creates an engaging atmosphere, perfect for celebrating this spooky season.

Day 18: Visit a Local Pumpkin Patch

Stop by your local pumpkin patch this Halloween season. Enjoy the crisp air, vibrant colors, and the hunt for the perfect pumpkin to carve or decorate. It’s a cherished tradition that brings friends and family together for a day of pumpkin picking.

Day 19: Tell Scary Stories

Gather around the flickering campfire or dimly lit room with friends and family for a Halloween activity as old as time – sharing scary stories. Let your imaginations run wild as you recount eerie tales of ghosts, monsters, and haunted places. It’s a time to bond, get goosebumps, and create memories that will haunt you (in a good way) for years to come.

Day 20: Haunted Terrariums

Create mini Halloween-themed terrariums using glass containers, black sand, small plastic skeletons or figurines, and faux moss. 


  1. Glass container or jar
  2. Miniature Halloween decorations
  3. Small artificial plants (moss or succulents)
  4. Optional: Black or orange sand/pebbles, LED tea lights


  1. Place sand/pebbles at the container’s bottom (optional).
  2. Add artificial plants.
  3. Decorate with miniature Halloween items.
  4. Optionally, use LED tea lights for a spooky glow.
  5. Display your Halloween terrarium.

Day 21: Halloween Candy Tray

Arrange Halloween-themed snacks and treats on a large tray for a festive celebration.

Day 22: Paper Bats

Turn the inside of your home into a bat cave. You can buy pre-cut bats at craft stores or make them using black cardstock.

Day 23: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

After carving your pumpkins, roast the seeds with various seasonings for a delicious snack. (

Day 24: Elegant Skull Floral Centerpiece

Paint or decorate a ceramic skull. Add flowers and embellishments.

Day 25: Visit a Haunted House

Experience heart-pounding thrills and unforgettable scares this Halloween season by visiting a haunted house with your friends and family. Get ready to brave the unknown, scream together, and create lasting memories as you navigate the twists and turns of a haunted house.

Day 26: Halloween Welcome Mat

Paint or stencil a spooky welcome mat for your front door.

Day 27: Spooky Picture Frame

Transform a plain picture frame into a Halloween-inspired masterpiece with black flowers, plastic skeletons, and spooky embellishments.

Day 28: DIY Halloween Cards

To make Halloween cards:

  1. Start with blank cards or cardstock paper.
  2. Cut out Halloween-themed shapes, glue them onto the card, and add stickers or embellishments.
  3. Write a spooky message inside, personalize it, and remember the matching envelope.
  4. Share your homemade cards with friends and family to spread Halloween cheer!

Day 29: Witch Hat Decorations

Not everything needs to be scary for Halloween. Decorate a stylish paper mache witch hat with colorful fabrics, papers, and flowers.

Day 30: Halloween Bird House

With black paint, eerie embellishments, and a creative touch, you can transform a simple birdhouse into a haunted house just in time for Halloween.


  1. Wooden birdhouse
  2. Black acrylic paint
  3. Paintbrushes
  4. Halloween cardstock
  5. Moss or faux spider webbing
  6. Halloween-themed embellishments
  7. Glue or a glue gun
  8. Scissors


  1. Paint the birdhouse black.
  2. Adhere cardstock to the roof.
  3. Add moss or webbing for a spooky look.
  4. Glue on Halloween embellishments (pumpkins, spiders, etc.).
  5. Personalize the base as desired.
  6. Allow everything to dry.
  7. Display your haunted Halloween house in your decor.

Day 31: Halloween Costumes

Finally, it’s Halloween! Put the finishing touches on your DIY costume and get ready to enjoy a night of parties and trick-or-treating.

There you have it: 31 days of Halloween projects to keep you busy throughout October. These creative endeavors will add a touch of Halloween fun to your home and provide hours of enjoyment for crafters of all skill levels. So, grab your supplies and prepare for a month filled with creepy, crafty activities!

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