Floral Letters

Nothing brightens my room more than flowers. I try to use flowers in most of my projects because of their beauty and versatility. For today’s project, I made a floral monogram out of some cardboard letters I used a few months ago. I’m all about recycling and reusing old projects.

Here is how I used the letters for Valentine’s Day:

I decided to reuse the letters because I’m trying not to waste supplies. I have so many projects that I’ve completed that are just collecting dust in my closet. So now I’m trying to find different ways to give the projects new life.

Supplies I Used:
Cardboard Letters 12″
Hot Glue Gun
Artificial Flowers
Box Cutter
1. Start by using the box cutter to open up the cardboard letters.



2. For the next step, I left the stuffing inside of the letters to help the flowers remain in place. Other people have completed this project by removing the filling and placing floral foam inside of the letters. I didn’t have floral foam, so I improvised!

3. Cut the flowers from the bouquet. Make sure to leave enough of the stem to glue the bulbs inside of the letters.



4. Continue gluing until the inside of each letter is completely covered.


And that’s it! The decorative letters are now ready to display. Enjoy!


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