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5 Hoop Wreath Projects

One of my favorite things to do is wreath making. You can create a wreath with so many items found inside and outside of your home. I’ve seen some lovely wreaths made out of twigs, wheels, wire hangers, etc. Traditional wreaths are also beautiful, but I find that making wreaths are way more fun for me when I use hula hoops and embroidery hoops.

I’ve made several hoop wreaths over the years, and I’m sharing a few of those projects for today’s blog post.

Continue reading below for photos and links to tutorials.


Greenery Vine Hoop Wreath 








1. Wrap garland around the embroidery hoop. I made two versions of this wreath. One version is where I kept both hoops together, and with the other wreath, I separated them. I like to use the hoops for multiple projects.



2. Cut the cardstock into a circle that is the same size as the hoop.



3. Use a glue gun to adhere the paper to the back of the wreath.



4. Finally, tie a ribbon or string on the metal screw so that you can hang the wreath on a wall or door.





And that’s it! Scroll down and click on the links for more wreath tutorials.



Hula Hoop Christmas Wreath



Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Embroidery Hoop Wreath


Flamingo Wreath

IMG_20180707_104153 copy




DIY Hula Hoop Wreath



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